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Questionable Advice for Spiritual Questions

We’re here to take your questions and provide you with light-hearted yet sincere advice for folks who are wrestling with what really matters: spirituality, theology, relationships, and the like. We don’t claim to have definitive answers, but you can be sure our responses will come from a place of care, theological reflection, experience, and—let’s be real—our own baggage (Informed consent, you know?)

Show Hosts

Katie Langston

A doubter by nature and a believer by grace. Author, preacher, evangelist, digital strategist, coffee enthusiast, basketball fan.

Gina Colvin

An integrator by nature and an agnostic by inclination. Scholar, Christian minister, theologian, Buddhist, and passionate rower.

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Here are some of the questions we’ve received that have made us laugh, cry, think, or pray.